Date/Site Changes

Any bets on a game not played on the scheduled date or played at a different venue, at the time the bet was placed, will be declared void.

Minimum Length of Play

If any round (map) is not played or is awarded to one player or team by default without play having commenced, all wagers on that round (map) and on the match as a whole will be refunded.
If there is a change in the number of rounds (maps) played prior to the match starting, wagers placed on those markets will stand.

E-Sports Wagers

Various wagers on certain e-sports leagues/events will be offered (i.e. League of Legends competitions). Wagers are accepted in the following manner:

Match overall winner

A wager on the overall winner of a specified match prior to the match starting. This may be offered on a specific team or individual (during individual competitions). We will recognize the team that is deemed the winner of the match by the governing body of the league/competition or event organizer. This wager will be offered pre-match and may also be offered at adjusted prices/odds in between rounds (maps) of the competition.

Individual round (map) winner 

A wager on the winner of an individual round (map) of the competition. If a round (map) is not played because the result of the event has already been determined (i.e. A best of 5 series and map 5 is not needed), bets on un-played rounds or maps are refunded and wagers will be refunded.

A map is deemed to have started as soon as the game clock starts or either team or player takes game action relating to that map, including picks, bans and weapon purchases. In the event that a map has to be remade due to a technical glitch or bug, bets placed after the start of the map will be refunded. If maps are subject to a pause but restart as planned, bets will stand.

eNASCAR Wagers

iRacing driving simulators and equipment may differ slightly from driver to driver.

Races must take place at the designated virtual location on the scheduled start day or bets will be declared void. If a driver starts a race and a winner is declared, all wagers stand. Should a driver not take part at all, wagers on that driver will be returned.