Account Wagering Rules

In accordance with Nevada Gaming Regulation 5.225 “Wagering Accounts”, please be advised of the below parameters for the establishment and use of a wagering account with BetMGM.

House Rules


BetMGM’s House Rules apply to BetMGM’s wagering accounts, as applicable.


BetMGM’s Rights


  1. BetMGM may refuse to establish a wagering account for what it deems good and sufficient reason;
  2. BetMGM may refuse deposits to wagering accounts for what it deems good and sufficient reason;
  3. BetMGM may refuse to accept all or part of any wager for what it deems good and sufficient reason;
  4. BetMGM may declare that any or all wagers will no longer be received; and
  5. BetMGM may, unless there is a pending Board investigation or patron dispute, suspend or close any wagering account at any time pursuant to the terms of the agreement between BetMGM and the patron, provided, however, when a wagering account is closed, BetMGM shall immediately return the balance of the wagering account at the time of said action, subject to compliance with Reg. 5.225, BetMGM’s house rules, and federal and state laws and regulations, by sending a check to the patron’s address of record or as otherwise provided pursuant to the terms of the wagering account agreement.

Funding Methods


BetMGM allows patrons to deposit funds into their Account by any of the following methods:


  1. An in-person cash deposit made at the race and sports book and cage;
  2. A BetMGM-branded reloadable prepaid card, which has been verified as being issued to you and is non-transferable;
  3. Electronic transfers from an account verified to be controlled by you held at a financial institution that has agreed to process such transactions for MGM, debit or credit cards issued to you by a provider who has agreed to process such transactions for MGM or any other funding method permitted by applicable laws that MGM agrees to accept;
  4. Winnings from use of the BetMGM App; and
  5. Promotional credit. Payment of winning wagers will be made when results are confirmed and posted. Winning wagers will be applied directly to your Account.

Account/Registration and Source of Funds


  1. We reserve the right to refuse to accept your Account registration, suspend or terminate your Account, and/or cancel any Account transaction if we determine you have intentionally opened, attempted to open, or accessed multiple Accounts.
  2. You are required to submit accurate and complete Account information and to update such information as required from time-to-time.
  3. If we terminate your Account, we will return the balance of your Account to you within five (5) business days of the date your Account is terminated unless there is a pending Board investigation.
  4. You may deposit funds into your Account by any method allowed under Nevada Gaming Regulation 5.225 that are not otherwise disallowed by the BetMGM Terms and Conditions.
  5. Your Account balance at any given time is the amount of funds held in your Account (if any), plus any winnings and/or minus any losses accrued from using the BetMGM App, including adjustments made by MGM/BetMGMfollowing the resolution of a dispute, less any rakes, entry or other fees, if applicable, and less any amounts previously withdrawn by you or amounts forfeited or reclaimed by us due to any known or suspected fraud or due to deposits or other transactions rejected or cancelled by the issuer of your payment access device or any relevant third-party (whether as a result of insufficient funds, charge-backs or otherwise), or any funds that are otherwise deductible or forfeited under the Agreements. Wagers will not be accepted if they exceed the balance of your Account.
  6. You must keep your Account password secret and confidential.
  7. The following persons (each an “Unauthorized Person”) are not permitted to establish an Account or directly or indirectly use the BetMGM App other than as required in the course of their employment with MGM: (a) any individuals who have been banned from gaming activities at any MGM Resorts International subsidiary or affiliate, or who have been prohibited from gaming pursuant to any applicable Laws, including individuals who have been “self-limited” or listed on any self-exclusion, disassociated persons, or similar list in any state; (b) employees of MGM Resorts International, and employees of their subsidiary and affiliated companies who have administrative or privileged access to the BetMGM App; (c) “prohibited persons” that are government officials or residents of certain embargoed countries and/or whose names are included on the U.S. Treasury Department's list of Specially Designated Nationals or the U.S. Department of Commerce Denied Person’s List or Entity List or successor or similar lists; (d) persons who are under the age of 21; (e) Coaches, athletic trainers, officials, players, or other individuals who participate in the specific authorized sporting event in which they are directly involved in, in which wagers may be accepted; (f) persons who are employed in a position with direct involvement with coaches, players, athletic trainers, officials, athletes or participants in the specific authorized sporting event in which they are directly involved in, in which wagers may be accepted; and (g) an individual who is excluded from wagering for other good cause, including but not limited to, an attempt to place a wager as an agent or a proxy on behalf of another for compensation (i.e., messenger betting).  You may not attempt to create an Account if you are an Unauthorized Person or assist other Unauthorized Persons to use the BetMGM App.

Your use of the BetMGM App


  1. We reserve the right to suspend, modify, remove or add to the BetMGM App in our sole and complete discretion with immediate effect and without notice or liability. We will suspend a wagering account if the wagering account has not been used to make any wagers for a consecutive 16-month period.
  2. By using the BetMGM app you consent to us making a voice, print, electronic or other approved record of the entire transaction. Such wagering communication will be recorded when you confirm the wagering information. We will not accept any wager or transaction if such recording system is inoperable. The records will be made available to the Nevada Gaming Control Board upon its request. Upon your written request, we will provide to you a statement of account showing each wagering account deposit, withdrawal, credit, and debit made during the time period reported by the account statement.



You may withdraw any available funds from your Account either (a) in person at one of the registration locations identified in the BetMGM Terms and Conditions, or (b) by requesting that such funds be transferred to a BetMGM-branded reloadable prepaid card, which has been verified as being issued to you and is non-transferable; or (c) through any other method allowed by applicable laws and agreed to by BetMGM. You will continue to be responsible for all activity on your Account until your Account has been closed.


Entire Agreement, Modification and Amendments


Your continued access or use of the BetMGM App following notification of any amendment(s) of the House Rules, Account Wagering Rules, Terms and Conditions, or other (“Agreements”) will be deemed binding acceptance of the Agreements as amended. It is your sole responsibility to review the Agreements and any amendments each time you use the BetMGM App. If any amendment is unacceptable to you, your only recourse is to terminate use of the BetMGM App.


Account Statement


BetMGM’s record of a patron’s confirmation of all wagers shall be deemed to be the transaction of record.

Upon reasonable request and consistent with BetMGM’s internal controls policies, you will be provided an account statement showing each wagering account deposit, withdrawal, credit, and debit made to your account during the time period reported by the account statement. You may dispute any transaction in accordance with Regulation 7A.


Customer Information


Except as otherwise expressly provided in the House Rule, Terms and Conditions, or other notices and Agreements, BetMGM will keep confidential the following:


  1. The amount of money credited to, debited from, or present in any particular patron’s wagering account;
  2. The amount of money wagered by a particular patron on any game or gaming device;
  3. The account number and secure personal identification method that identifies the patron;
  4. The identities of particular entries on which a patron is wagering or has wagered; and
  5. The name, address, and other information in the possession of BetMGM that would identify the patron to anyone other than the Board or BetMGM.

BetMGM shall share the information above with the Nevada Gaming Control Board, financial institutions participating in a program established in accordance with Section 314(b) of the USA Patriot Act, and as required by state or federal law.

BetMGM may share the information above with any licensed affiliate, a person who has been issued a nonrestricted license for an establishment where the licensee operates a race book or sports pool, and as authorized by you.