Future wagers are considered wagers for a specified team, person, etc. to win a specified future event. Examples include, but are not limited to: Pro Football Championship, American League Cy Young, Daytona 500, etc. Unless otherwise specified with respect to a particular sport or event, the following rules apply to all future wagers:

1. On all future wagers involving a recognized sporting organization - i.e. Pro Football Championship, World Series, etc. - the winner, as determined by the league commissioner, chairman, or other authoritative officer at the conclusion of set event will be declared the winner for wagering purposes. 

2. Future wagers that are originally offered seven (7) days or less from the start of the specified event may allow refunds on specific non-starters. 

3. Future wagers that are originally offered more than seven (7) days from the start of the specified event will have NO refund (such said event may have specific rules). 

4. All future wagers are action regardless of team name changes or relocation, suspension, sanctions, and/or exclusions to participate. 

5. Bets on futures markets which have been unconditionally determined will be settled as such, unless otherwise specified in the specific sport's betting rules.