I'm having a geolocation issue…

If you are not physically located in a legal state you can access your account, but you cannot play games or place bets. If you’re in a legal state but near the state border, the ocean or in a remote area and there are not enough Wi-Fi signals or cell towers to verify your location, then you may not be able to play games or place bets.

Try these troubleshooting steps if you are in a legal state and having problems being geolocated:

  • If you are playing from a remote location or near the ocean, there may not be enough Wi-Fi signals to properly confirm your location, so you may not be able to play
  • If you are playing near a state border, your location will be checked more frequently to verify that you are still in a legal state
  • If you have a new router or device, it can take a few days for that device to be recognized
  • Your Internet Service Provider may be assigning you an IP address that is outside of a legal state. If so, please contact your provider to change it to the legal state