Reward Plan Terms and Conditions

1. The terms and conditions of this Reward Plan are in addition to, and subject to, those terms and conditions set forth in the Online Gaming Services Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”) which are incorporated herein by reference. Capitalized terms herein shall have the same meaning as set out in the Terms of Service. In addition, the following definitions apply:

i. 'Reward Plan' shall mean this Reward Plan as amended or replaced by Us from time to time;

ii. 'iReward Points' shall mean those points earned from wagering real money and available for redemption in Our Reward Store from time to time in accordance with the terms set out herein;

iii. 'Reward Store' shall mean the online reward store where You may redeem iReward Points;

iv. 'Inactive' shall have the meaning given in the primary Terms of Service and 'Inactivity' shall be construed accordingly;

vi. 'Sites ' for the purposes of this Reward Plan shall mean the following platforms: BETMGM.COM;

vii. 'Week', for the purposes of the Reward Plan, shall mean a full calendar week from Monday 12:00:00.00 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) to Sunday 11:59:59.99 PM ET;

viii.         'Tier Level' shall mean the reward plan tiers of Sapphire, Pearl, Gold, Platinum and NOIR (listed lowest to highest).2. To join the Reward Plan, You must have a real money Account with one of the Sites. Only individuals are eligible for membership in the Reward Plan.

2. Reward Plan membership and benefits are provided at Our sole discretion.

3. You will earn iReward Points as a result of real money wagering as set out on the How to Earn Points page (as amended from time to time) and any other applicable pages on Our Sites.

4. iReward Points are non-transferable and do not have any cash value.

5. The earning and redemption of iReward Points is subject to Our sole discretion and to any restrictions contained on the relevant pages of Our Sites and any terms and conditions provided with particular promotions or bonuses. We have the sole right to interpret and apply such terms and conditions.

6. You are responsible for advising Us of any change of Your address or other Account details and We shall have no liability for any consequences resulting from Your failure to do so.

7. It shall be Your responsibility to ensure that Your iReward Points are properly credited. If You dispute Your iReward Points balance or where We deem that verification is required, We reserve the right to require proof of accrual from You.

8. In the event that You become eligible to an invitation to a tournament or live event, the logistics, date and timing of the event and the terms and conditions of entry shall be at Our sole discretion. Any such entitlement does not guarantee that such event will take place. We will not be liable for any injuries, losses, damages or expenses suffered or incurred by You or any third party as a direct or indirect result of attending any such event.

9. We reserve the right to make any payment transfers by means which do not result in Us incurring any third-party costs.

10. We reserve the right to award iReward Points selectively, at any time, to players chosen in Our discretion. Any failure to follow the terms and conditions referred to herein, any abuse of the Reward Plan or any conduct detrimental to the interests of the Group may result in the termination of Your membership of the Reward Plan and the cancellation of accrued iReward Points.

11. We reserve the right to modify, alter, discontinue or terminate the Reward Plan and any promotion or product line at any time for any reason whatsoever, with or without notice (including without limitation: by changing the way iReward Points are generated, earned, awarded, Collected and/or redeemed including by adding further restrictions on the redemption of iReward Points).

12. iReward Points are valid for 180 days from the date earned.  After 180 days, the points will be available for use until they are removed from your account, reference item 13.

13. On the first day of every month all iReward Points, older than 180 days, are removed from your account.

14.  An account becomes “Inactive” when a single iReward Point is not earned for 180 consecutive days, for the purposes of the Reward Plan.  Based on the inactivity, all iReward Points will be expired and removed as indicated in items 12 and 13 above.

15. An “Inactive” account becomes “Active” (“re-activates”) once a patron logs in, participates, in game play, and earns a single iReward Point.

16.  The individual Terms and Conditions for the exchange of iReward Points for Bonuses, Tournaments, Express Comps and any other potential offerings as described in the Reward Store will be made available to You on Our Sites.

17. We may amend these terms and conditions at any time either by emailing You notification of the new terms and/or by publishing the modified terms and conditions on any of the Sites.

18. Decisions of Our staff and management about any aspect of the Reward Plan will be final.

19. These Agreements shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New Jersey.

Updated November 13, 2020