FreeBet Terms and Conditions

  1. These FreeBet Rules apply to the specific promotional offers in our sports betting and live betting line-up called and displayed as "FreeBet".
  2. In addition to these FreeBet Rules, our General Terms and Conditions and our Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions apply.
  3. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between these FreeBet Rules, the Standard Promotional Terms and our General Terms and Conditions, these FreeBet Rules shall prevail, followed by the Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions and then the General Terms and Conditions but only to the extent necessary to resolve such conflict or inconsistency.
  4. Where offered, a "FreeBet" entitles You to place a bet without prior deduction of the stake from Your account balance. The amount that is used for the calculation of the possible winnings of this bet ("FreeBet Value") will be displayed as "Stake".
  5. FreeBets can be subject to certain restrictions: they can be e.g. only valid for certain sports or leagues or for bet placement on specific devices. In such cases, the respective restriction will be displayed in the FreeBet overview.
  6. If the selection in your bet slip can be played with a FreeBet, the respective FreeBet will be offered to you automatically in your bet slip. You can then play the selection as a FreeBet or use the FreeBet at a later point in time.
  7. Available FreeBets are displayed on the mobile app above the bet slip. By clicking on this area, you can open the FreeBet overview which lists all of your Freebets that can still be used.
  8. Unless otherwise stated FreeBets will only be available to real-money players and you are required to make an initial deposit of at least $10 into your account in order to participate.
  9. Where a FreeBet is settled as "won", you will be credited with FreeBet winnings which will be equal to the FreeBet value multiplied by the odds stated on the bet slip minus the FreeBet value.
  10. If a bet placed using a Freebet is settled as ‘cancelled’, that Freebet will be deemed invalid.
  11. If a FreeBet is settled as a ‘dead heat’ (d/h) and the corresponding dead heat odds would drop to the point of no profit, no funds shall be deducted from You.
  12. A FreeBet can be placed as one single bet or one Multi bet but the FreeBet value cannot be split between various bet placements. Multiple single bets, Round Robin and bankers are excluded from FreeBets.
  13. Where offered, a FreeBet can only be used once and within the time frame displayed on screen. If the validity time expires without the FreeBet being used, the FreeBet will become invalid.
  14. A FreeBet can only be used for our sport betting or live betting line-up. All other products are excluded.
  15. Where there are specific conditions that apply for selected betting options, for example minimum odds, Multi bet restrictions etc., these restrictions will also apply for FreeBets
  16. Where the player's betting limits are less than the FreeBet value, the FreeBet will have to be forfeited.
  17. The company does not guarantee the availability of FreeBets on all devices and browser versions.